Welcome To The Site!

Hello, I’m Gabriel Gardner, welcome to my portfolio site.

For enquiries please email gabriel.t.s.gardner@gmail.com

I make logos, graphics, info-graphics and icons for websites and e-publications in Lewes.

Have a look at my portfolio, over to the right there, and if you need any website graphics send me an email and I will give you a quote.

The Step by step process:

If you need a custom tailored logo or graphic made for you or your business, I can help your idea become a reality.

1. First of all, send me an enquiry at gabriel.t.s.gardner@gmail.com with the details of what you want, any ideas you have so far or any images you may have seen that have inspired you and would like me to consider when creating your graphic.

2. Via email correspondence I will walk you through the development process, tweaking my designs to your own specifications, accommodating your feedback on any changes you may want made.

3. After I have completed the final product, I then send your custom designed graphics or logos to you in whatever image format you wish.